To ensure that all investigators can use mbiobank fairly, the user needs to login the mbiobank before using mbiobank's services.

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When registering an account, you need to fill in the following:

User Name

The username is a unique identifier for each user which should meet the following information:

  • Contains 6-12 characters

  • Only be composed of lowercase letters, numbers, and underscores, and starts with a lowercase letter.

After successful registration, you can log in with your username.


The password is used to verify the legitimacy of the user. At least 8 characters are required.

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The email address should be a valid and non-public domain email address. and it is a unique identifier for each user. The public email domains are banned to ensure that every academic researcher can fairly use the resources and services. And the list of illegal email domains can be found here.


All notifications about mbiobank will be sent to you by email. Please make sure your email address is available.

After successful registration, you can log in with your email.


Please fill in your organization name.

After confirming our terms of service and fill in the verification code (the calculation result of the formula in the picture), you can submit your registration.


After you have submitted your registration, we will send you a confirmation email. Please click the confirmation link in the email to activate your account.

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Administrator can't reset your password directly. You can only reset it via the above method.